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Our Story

How it all began

Inspired by the wonderful nature, Lugar da Pedra Alta was built on top of one of the hundreds of giant stones in the central area of ​​Portugal, near Serra da Estrela. For more than a century, everything was transformed to become what it is today.


Take a look and find a little bit more about our history through a collection of text and photos we have to offer.

Our Mission

Back to nature

One of our objectives is to allow nature to thrive, to take a regenerative and organic approach to agriculture, to interfere as little as possible with the environment, to go about it all in an organic way - one that is not harmful to nature.


Find out what motivated us to go on the path of sustainability and healthy living.

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Let's create memories together!

Get connected with the nature that surrounds you. Come and enjoy a healthy brunch made with products from our garden, learn how to be more sustainable and get tips about organic gardening, discover the benefits of wild plants and what you can do with them, or just chill with a cup of herbal tea looking at the sun setting in the mountains.


We have plenty of events waiting for you, so come and check them out!


Find out where to stay!

From an amazing scenery of the forest to a relaxing view of blossoming almond trees, come and discover the five bedrooms we have to offer within our historic home.


Check out the different possibilities we have to offer in the button below!

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Discover how wonderful nature is...

If you want to get to know more about our place and the surroundings this is the section for you! We offer you unique experiences and plenty activities from an outdoor swimming pool, barbeque, sport fields, walks through the orchard to charming and rustic relaxing common spaces inside or outside the home.


Click the button bellow to check out our photo gallery and fill your soul with nature and beauty.



Find the beauty that surrounds us

We are located at the foot of the highest mountain range in Continental Portugal, Serra da Estrela, surrounded by historical villages, nature, culture, gastronomy and many other activities. It's a place for hiking lovers, adventurers, family outings and for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city or from the daily worries.


Check out a few recommendations that we selected for you, the rest we'll let you to discover by yourself!


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