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How it all started

Inspired by the surrounding landscape, Lugar da Pedra Alta was built upon a single stone. From that stone on everything was seen more than 100 years ago to become what it is now.

Take a look and find a little bit more about our history through a collection of photos we have to offer. 


Let's create memories together!

Get connected with the nature surrounding you. Talk about intriguing stories with people all over the world. Or just chill with a cup of tea looking at the sun setting in the mountains.

We have plenty of events waiting for you come and check them out!. 



Find out where to stay!

From an amazing view to the lake to a relaxing view of blossing almonds we have some rooms to offer while you stay with us.

Check them all out and book them on the button below


Discover how wonderful nature is

If you want to get to know more about the space we have and our surroundings this is the section for you!

Check out our photo gallery and fill your soul with some green.

Click the button below to see our beautiful collection of photos.



Melo, Portugal

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